Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO

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Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO
Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO
Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO
Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO
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Freedom Pest Control (636) 233-1374

Freedom Pest Control’s priority is customer satisfaction. A small local company owned and managed by a retired Airforce Veteran. Unlike most companies, Freedom Pest Control has no desire or plans to keep growing and expanding. Our focus is on providing exceptional service to the local community (within a 20 mile radius) at a reasonable cost to the customer. Unlike larger pest control companies, we do not push quarterly service or contracts. Although quarterly service will provide the best protection, some customers may prefer to get service when they call and make an appointment. We allow for that. We are serving you. We also post price information on our website which is rarely if ever done (see Services tab). Finally unlike some pest control companies, Freedom Pest Control responds quickly if the customer is dissatisfied and will work with them/you to make it right.

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Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO (Bed Bug Extermination)


Question: Is there a bug service near me or an insect exterminator near me, that will do bed bug extermination?

I need a bed bug treatment.

Answer: There are several home pest control services or residential pest control services that serve the St. Peters area. The pest control service cost for bedbugs will be significant. Unless you catch the problem very early, you can expect to have 3 service calls totaling in the range of $1,000, and in addition to that the process relies on the customer having to provide a lot of support work.


Question: What is the bed bug extermination process? I need to find a bed bug exterminator near me. I need a local bed bug exterminator.

Answer: Multiple bed bug exterminators service St. Peters. And there are multiple processes to exterminate bed bugs. One method a pest control service may use is bed bug heat treatment (also effective for flea extermination). Most companies and do-it-yourselfers use the standard process to exterminate bed bugs, which is a combination of cleaning, vacuuming, spraying, and removal of certain items, and typically three treatments are required.


Expect your bed bug exterminator cost to be high compared to other pest control services (even if you do it yourself) and labor intensive (even if you hire local bed bug exterminators). See the rough costs in the table below:


Pest Category           Notes           Rough Price (Single Treatment)
General Pest Control     Maintenance / Periodic     $85
Spiders         Active Infestation     $120
Ants     Active Infestation     $120
Roaches     Active infestation     $160, $120
Water Bugs     Active Infestation     $100
Bees / Wasps     Active Infestation     $120
Silverfish / Firebrats     Active Infestation     $120
Flies     Active Infestation     $100
Fleas     Active Infestation     $250, $200, $200
Bedbugs     Active Infestation     $654, $300, $300
Mice     Active Infestation     $200
Termites     Service Not Provided     N/A
Carpenter Ants (Inside)     Service Not Provided     N/A
Rats, Snakes, Other Animals     Service Not Provided     N/A


The Best Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO

A couple of interesting facts about bedbugs. Bedbugs are sometimes called chinches. While most people probably think bedbugs (chinches) are disgusting (living on your bed or furniture and taking a meal out of you), and the bites can itch and cause you to lose sleep, they are not known to spread disease. Still, they are unacceptable to have in your home.


They are the type of insect that you do not want, but you wouldn’t even want others to know you have them. They are often associated with an unkept house, even though that is not necessarily true. Anyone can bring bedbugs home from a hotel or elsewhere. The association would only ring true if you decided to live with them rather than get rid of them. Freedom Pest Control offers fabulous services for bed bug extermination in St. Peters, MO.


Proficient professionals are available who will thoroughly inspect the infestation and implement effective methods for bed bug removal. Furthermore, the experts use top-quality equipment that accesses even the tiniest corners of the bedding. All the tools and chemicals are bought from verified manufacturers; so there are no surprises due to that and quality is built into the process. If you are looking for a bed bug exterminator near me, you should contact us at Freedom Pest Control because we are competent and qualified to resolve your bedbug problems. Call or text us now!


Inspection for Bed Bug Pest Control in St. Peters, MO

When bed bugs start laying eggs, it becomes more challenging to eliminate them from your property. Therefore, the professionals for bed bug extermination in St. Peters, MO, will interview you and perform a thorough inspection of your home before actually beginning the work. The very detailed inspection will consist of the interview, removing linens, and thoroughly inspecting the mattress and box springs, any other lounging furniture in the room, dressers and drawers, behind pictures, along the perimeter of the room, and more.


The earlier you can start the bed bug extermination process, the better for you. A single female bedbug can lay from one to seven eggs a day after a blood meal for up to ten days and can produce as many as 250 eggs during its life, which is about 4-6 months if left undisturbed. If you believe that you have an infestation and are looking for local bed bug exterminators, call us (636) 233-1374 at Freedom Pest Control for your bed bug pest control


Bed Bug Heat Treatment in St. Peters, MO

If you need bed bug extermination in St. Peters, you have a choice between a standard chemical process and a home heat treatment process. Bed bug heat treatment is a relatively new method for treating bedbugs. It can be performed in one treatment and it would be less work for the technician as well as the customer, but it is often more expensive than standard chemical processes, there is some risk of damaging possessions when using high heat in your house, and if you investigate yourself, you will find that it is about 95% effective.


That sounds pretty good, but if you have bed bugs, that 5% that survived can pretty quickly increase back to the amount that there were when you called for the heat treatment. At Freedom Pest Control we understand that a bed bug treatment needs to be 100% effective. Every last bed bug needs to be eliminated to have a satisfied customer.


So we use the standard chemical bed bug pest control service. We do use heat to kill part of the infestation in a house. Clothes linens and other cloth items will be washed at high heat and dried at high heat, which will kill any bugs or eggs on them, but that’s the only heat treatment we recommend or use.


Heat treatment can also be used for flea extermination. The same arguments (both good and bad) apply for this treatment to exterminate bed bugs as fleas and for those same reasons, Freedom Pest Control chooses to use the standard chemical process, which we understand is more work, but believe is more reliable way to exterminate bed bugs and fleas.


Service Cost Detail for Bed Bug Extermination in St. Peters, MO

How much is a bed bug exterminator? The bed bug extermination process is unfortunately detailed and complex compared to other services such as Silverfish Pest Control and so is the ordering process. Freedom Pest Control uses the following ordering process for bed bug extermination in St. Peters, MO. The client calls us (see contact tab) and explains the problem they are having.


We provide a rough estimate on the phone or will call back with one, but must go to the home and perform an inspection before providing a final price for the job. If the customer accepts the bed bug exterminator cost, then the technician proceeds with the treatment.  If not, we charge a $25 fee for driving time and the inspection which is likely to take between a half hour and an hour. Moreover, our company provide the following services in different areas:


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