Posted by William John / on 19 February,2020

How to set up fitted wardrobes?

If you are women then certainly you would have lots of fashion accessories like bags, shoes and clothes. It is in women nature to look beautiful and loves to dress up according to the fashion trend. However, organising everything and put it in one place can become a hassle and tricky as well. But we don’t have to worry about this anymore because now we have fitted wardrobes

This is best for those individuals who don’t have extra space in their house. By installing these wardrobes, it will not only be functional but will make a room look clean as well. Apart from storing clothes, this wardrobe can also be used in both the living room and in the kitchen. So if you are interested in having this in your room then here are some important tips to consider:

Sliding Wardrobes

The best thing about having a wardrobe in a sliding form is that you can have compartments by adding shelves and cupboards. It will help you in properly organising and categorising things accordingly. Moreover, if you have lots of clothes, then you can put each style separately on different shelves. You can also add hooks where you can hang your belts and other fashion accessories.

Maximise the Space

Another best thing about having fitted wardrobes is that it will help in maximising the space that is available for you. Living in an untidy room that is a mess is something we try to avoid, and by having this wardrobe, you can avoid having this issue once and for all.

Select Colour Of Your Choice

When deciding a specific colour for your wardrobe, think about the space that is available. If you are considering making your room look bigger, opt for light colours like beige, off white and other related colours. Make sure that it matches with the design and theme of your room. If you want to give a cosy and comfortable feel to your ambience, then you can go for dark or bold colours.

Size Of The Wardrobe

The size of your wardrobe will totally depend on your requirements and preferences. If you have a small space, then it is best to go for a medium-size wardrobe installed so that it won't make it congested for you. In another scenario, if you have a big room, then you can go for a big wardrobe to make it more comfortable. This will fill all the empty spaces and make your house look more comfortable. 

Get Creative

You can also get creative by adding unique designs to your wardrobe. For instance, apart from the main colour, you can design to make it look more attractive. You can do this by adding mouldings or different unique handle. You can also install a mirror to have a good look at yourself after you have finished dressing up.

Add Rods

If you choose, you can have rods installed to hang some of your dresses, gowns and other important clothes. You can even install lightings so that you can easily find clothes, especially at night.

Keep Things In Organise Way

Fitted wardrobes will help in properly organising your things that will make it convenient for you to easily find things. Having this in your room will make all the clothes and other accessories in a systematic way. In short, it is the best solution if you have a lot of things and you have limited space. All you need to do is select something that works best for you and meets your requirements. For this, you need to conduct an analysis of your room size, its dimensions, and how much stuff you have for storage and then make a decision.

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