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First Time Traveller? Must-Have Essential Items

Never been abroad before? If you are taking your first big trip but not sure what to bring. Then, we're here to help you out! Packing your bag should not be a stressful part of that experience. It should be a time where the fun starts. All you need to have is a handy checklist to help you out not forgetting any of those essential items. If you want to know what things are included in that checklist, here's a list below for your must-haves that will leave you feeling prepared and relaxed to bring with you on this new adventure you've booked. 

1. The Best Carry-On Bag 


This is the most important item to start with. So, you may want to invest in a carry-on bag that you really like and that's also globally approved as cabin baggage on all airlines. Having this type of bag will allow you to determine exactly what you can pack, and you won't have to fret about hidden baggage fees at check-in.  

2. Passport 

Obviously! You can't go overseas without it. Prepare this earlier and put it inside your bag. 

3. Pen, Paper, and Tablet 

When people travel, most likely, they want to enjoy staying connected to friends or family. The great thing about bringing a tablet with you is that it consumes much less space in your bag and won't weigh you down. With a tablet, you can have the connectivity of an entire full laptop, especially with the latest options from big brands like Apple and Microsoft. 

Also, don't forget to carry a notebook and several pens in case you want to write down important notes or other information about your destination during the flight or if you need directions where you must go. 

4. Toiletry Bag 

Try to be easy on yourself when arriving at your destination by packing a handy toiletry bag with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, wipes, deodorant, aspirin, and some hand cream. These items can help you stay fresh with no problems all throughout your travels. A technique we can give for first-time travellers is to invest in some refillable bottles to make sure you that you don't surpass the approved carry-on size for liquids. 

One of the best options on the market is silicone bottles. They are approved by TSA, workable for your carry-on and allow you to squeeze every last bit out of the bottles, which is helpful when you're on the road. 

5. Universal Power Trip 

If you want to stay connected, you are required to have the capability to recharge all of your devices. It's hard to find a power outlet in the airport that works or is available. You may buy a universal power strip if you don't have one yet that will solve this issue. 

6. Change of Clothes and a Travel Towel 

You would want to put an extra change of clothes in your carry-on bag. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination if you don't have extra clothes. If that happens, you will be left with absolutely nothing. You may need to bring culturally sensitive clothes if you are visiting temples or churches. Aside from clothes, we're sure that you would not miss out going to the beach wherever destination it may be! So don't forget your swimsuits, trunks, and your personalized swim cap

You can also bring a proper workout towel which is generally a forgotten item even by avid travellers. This is very versatile for fast cleanups in the airport terminal and for when you travel outdoors for a great hike. Plus, the towel won't take up much space, and a nice quality one will last you for a long time. 

7. Bring Medications 

A lot of first-time travellers forget this! Bring your paracetamol, medicine for upset tummies, personal prescriptions from your doctor including the letter, and medication required for the destination. 

8. Two Types of Payment 

You don't want to depend on one bank card, because what will you do if it gets blocked or stolen? Also, let your bank know y

ou're travelling overseas so they know it's you who's using the car and not a scammer. 

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So, brothers will never accept how deeply they love their sisters. However, we all sisters know that they do love us insanely. They would fight anyone in the world just to protect us. This raksha bandhan, it is the best opportunity to show them our love and concern for them. Let;s make our brothers smile and let them know that no matter how irritating they might make us, we still would not trade them for anything in the world except for the Gucci bag. Why place an order for online rakhi delivery  for them along with a m,ezerizing gift for them? Sounds cool right? There are a number of trusted online portals where you can get gifts for your every kind of brother. A over protective one, a one, a funny one, a gossiper one or the secret keeper. So, let’s get started with the list of some brilliant gift ideas!


  • Gym Kit:

Since, it is a trend hitting gym these days, it has also become a trend to carry that gym look everyday right? Your brother must be buying one every now and then. How about buying one super amazing one for him? They are not that economical. So, start saving more and get him a gym kut if your brother’s favorite brand and push him to become physically more fitter. Also, do not forget to comment on his pictures that he will upload on his social media handles before hitting the gym.


  • Watch his favorite brand:

So, brothers are really really crazy about the wrist watches, right? They love getting into their collection anytime and everytime. Just like girls will say never no to their accessories collection, likewise, boys go dance on cloud nine whenever a watch adds to their collection. So, order premium rakhi online for your brother and surprise him with this elegant surprise. He totally deserves such kind of gifts since he is worthy of everything you can think of.


  • Assortment Of Chocolates:

Again, a gift should be something that brings an ear to ear smile on the receivers face, right? Yes, right! So, a box of chocolates with a variety word be the perfect fit for the rakhi gift that you should be gifting to your brother. Believe me, it is not just girls, who are crazy for chocolates but boys too equally love having them all the time. So, do excite your brother’s taste buds and make him feel special with his favorite chocolates on board.


  • A mini nursery:

We a;l are aware of the fact that brothers are a little weirdos right? They can be fond of anything. Literally anything. I have lately been noticing boys' attraction for gardening and having their own nursery. So, if your brother is one of them, give him a small nursery which would become his dream garden one day. 


  • A personalised t-shirt:

Since raksha bandhan is a festival of siblings and celebrates the bond of love and care, why not give your sibling something really special and unique. How about getting him a personalised gift that has written something really cool or sweet about his brother over him. Or you could do twinning with him. Trust me, this might sound funny right now, but these gifts are the ideal one for siblings especially for festivals like raksha bandhan. 


  • Shoes:

So, boys can never get enough of the shoes, watches and perfumes. Believe me, it's true. I have seen my brother, spending half of his salary on these products. So, why not hunt his search list and get him a pair of shoes that he is planning to purchase. Make sure you get the size and the colors of the shoes right.


So, it is the only time of the year where you can make your brother feel loved and appreciated. Most boys are unexpressive and do not express much, however, do open your hearts to each other and make your sibling know that you feel blessed to have him. No matter where you are sitting, you can send rakhi to delhi, and do not forget to surprise him with a gift that he least expected.

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How to Maximize Space in a Small House


Do you live in a small apartment? If yes, you must be one of the thousands of people who find it hard to maximize their space. Living in the city comes with its perks because almost everything is accessible even at the shortest notices. But the small city rental houses no one wants to speak about can become squeezed and uncomfortable if you don’t know how to use space.

If you live in a small house and are wondering how you can keep it ever presentable, here are some simple ideas to set you on the right path.

  • Minimize Clutter

The rule of thumb here is that if you live in a small house, you cannot afford to be a hoarder. See those empty plastic containers you never use, toss them out for recycling. Those clothes in your closet you never wear, give them out to charity or homeless people. All those boxes full of shoes, books, magazines, old gifts and who knows what else, clear it all out.

Find a day when you clear your storage spaces under the bed, inside your closet and only put back those attires and items you’ve used within the last three months. Put in place blankets that are not in use, sheets, and any bedding that seems out of place.

Anything you haven’t touched in a long time should either go to the trash, the recycle bin, or to charity.

  • Tear Down Walls

If you own a rental, then you may be restricted from changing the structure of your small house. But if the small apartment is yours, then you can remove some walls. The goal is to create more open space and have multipurpose rooms.

For example, the bedroom and the living room, instead of being two tiny rooms, can turn into one open space. This way, there’s more light coming in, fewer obstacles and the place appears much larger than it really is.

  • Clear the Floors

When you live in a small house, you need less furniture, fewer rugs, and smaller sized appliances. No need to bring in bulky indoor plants such that you’ve barely got space left to place your sofa or to walk on. No need to bring in huge wall units, seats or dining sets that look cramped and out of place, don’t you agree.

Make sure that you have in your house essential items only. Declutter often, if possible, lay a small carpet in the living area and a mat right next to your bed, have fewer utensils and appliances. Keep everything inside the drawers, on the shelves, or in the closet away from the floor. The less there is sitting on the floor, the more open and organized your space will look.

  • Invest in Storage

Anything from plastic storage containers, shelves, drawers, and cabinets serve as storage space. Some small houses come with shelves and drawers already installed, but others come without. Seeing as your goal is to maximize space, you may opt to install permanent or temporary drawers, shelves and cabinets at strategic points in the house.

Have a professional house designer, come and visit your home. More often than not, the best sites for such storage are corners. Instead of going for the average-sized shelves, go for ceiling length shelves and cabinets instead. Choose strong, stackable storage containers as opposed to weak ones. Remember to use empty space under the bed or you can as well invest in bed risers to create an ideal storage space for those seasonal outfits and other items you don’t use often.

Living in a small hose can be as enjoyable and just as rewarding as living in a large house. All you have to do is maximize space. How, by referring to the pointers above. Bottom line, keep most things out of sight, and you’ll never have to worry about not having enough space in your house.

Clean and tidy regularly because dirt tends to make a space look much fuller and less presentable. And with that, you are well on your way to becoming the talk of the town for owning such a gorgeous small house.



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What are fireproof clothing materials?

Flame retardant fabric are able to survive exposure to flame or elevated temperatures. This is done by applying different finishes, depending on the fabric being treated, which cause the burning to stop as soon as the heat source is removed. Fire-resistant finishes allow the fabrics to resist flame spread.

The most common protective gear that helps a lot of people to go home safely is fire retardant clothing made from flameproof fabrics. Most of these fabrics are made of cotton because they are readily available and are consistent with other man-made nylon fabrics. These flameproof fabric are long-lasting under flames compared to everyday clothing, but this does not mean that such clothing can never catch fire. These clothes can only delay the time they catch fire.

The flame resistant materials are better than standard cotton garments and have a greater amount of air between their threads. The more textile and air layers provide a shield that can extinguish the textiles and prolong them. The air between such textiles acts as a dissolving agent, allowing the individual to bring the fire away from the flesh. In the industry, coveralls are the most common type of flameproof clothing. Covers usually are made of cotton or linen as they are easy to wear and are very durable in denim form.

Subjects of a fireproof nature are used in a wide range of applications, e.g. industrial work wear, firefighter uniforms, pilots for air forces, fabric of tent and parachute, professional motor racing equipment etc. Most of them are used in interior equipment like rinks, hotels, hospitals and theatres. Fireproof Material like Twaron is used to withstand high temperatures in fabrics in industry such as fire. Materials such as aluminum hydroxide are usually used in three ways as fireproof.

It is difficult to say whether or not a material is fireproof, since many fabricsdo catch fire, but some fabrics are capable of slowing down and ultimately eliminating the flames affecting the fabric. Different chemical methods can achieve this capacity and such fabrics can be called fireproof clothing materials.

Types of Fireproof Clothing Materials

  • PBI
  • Aramids - para and meta
  • FR cotton
  • Coated nylon
  • Carbon foam (CFOAM)
  • Polyhydroquinone - dimidazopyridine
  • Melamine
  • Modacrylic
  • Leather


How to clean and maintain Fireproof clothing materials

The fireproof textiles can be cleaned by using liquid detergent with mild or sultry dihydrogen monoxide. Bleach and fabric softeners should be avoided when washing this fabric and any kind of soap containing a high amount of fat and starch as this can influence the resistance to fire and can affect a person's life.

Workers should be mandated to inspect their habilitations on a daily basis. Search for overwear designations. If there are defects such as apertures or tears, superficial abilities. Fireproof fabrics are only perfect for a certain amount of washes. After many washes, chemical products wear and minimize habiliments Fireproof. Disposable fireproof covers can be used to increase the lives of fabrics that are fireproof. The habiliments you wear will affect the life and health of the worker under your fire-resistant fabrics. You should also be careful to wear non-melting fabrics under them, every time you wear this attire.

Fireproof Coveralls

Coveralls are full-body clothing made from cotton, usually denim or linen. Coveralls are also used in military applications because they are usually warm and pilots of military aircraft fly their airplanes at high altitudes, where low oxygen and low pressure are caused by extremely cold conditions. Such covers insulate the body and provide many functional elements that are of benefit to the military troops, as they are designed to be robust so that they can better perform in the worst conditions.

Protective clothing was usually made of leather prior to the use of cotton. Leather is very robust but not very effective against sunlight and water. Cotton is cheaper and longer-lasting in the long run, as it can be washed several times so that it can again be used.

Over the course of time, protective fabrics have evolved, reaching their peak in 2020 or so. A number of clothing alternatives can be regarded as flammable garments. The choice of clothing depends on the type and the job for which it is used. One fabric can not, therefore, be regarded as best as a different fabric. Every fabric has a benefit and an inconvenience. The type of fabric is always based on the fact that it is used for what purpose.


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Which are the best-colored contact lenses?

Everyone had a wish to change their eye colour at least once in their lifetime, well colour contact lenses are the best choice to alter the eye colour. They can modify the colour of your eye and change your personality. There are some beautiful colours available to make your appearance exceptional on any occasion. They can also be used for weak eyesight. Not only can they eliminate your spectacles, but also, they can transform your personality. But be careful, poor quality and low standard lenses can cause serious harm to your eye or vision. Make sure you are always buying from a trusted seller.

How to choose the best contact lens colour?

Customers can have a look at the lenses available on the website and choose the best colour, keeping in view their personality as well as skin and eye colour. If you are a colourful person and you want to try new colours every day, and on every occasion, you may find this place satisfying.

If you are an admirer of specific eye colour and you do not have one naturally, you should check our glow collection where you can find a series of lenses, and you can surely find your desired colour.

The process is simple and has a lot of potential to bring out the best of you in every manner of life as eyes are anyone’s first reflection of thoughts, and a good lens choice can make you stand tall in the crowd of 1000 people.  

What do we offer?

Punjab optics offers the best collection of Bella contact lenses. Moreover, it offers the ideal lenses that come in the, and a huge collection is available. You can check the series below:

1-day collection

a 1-day collection consists of contact lenses which can be used up to 6 hours. After using them off a few hours, you can even use them again once you clean them with the lens cleaning liquid.  

It has six colours that are to be matched with all types of skin tones and eye shape. Mix pack contains, Bluish grey, hazel beige, Christine crystal, radiant hazelnut, ocean blue. The best thing about this collection is, you can try various colours and experience new eyes every day.

Elite collection

If you want to make a significant impact on everyone at a special event, then vivid colours can be the best choice for you. But if you want to create a more elegant look, then dusky must be your priority. Some colours of Elite collection are specially designed for dark eyes. It includes Elite white honey, elite emerald green, elite grey olive, cloudy grey, elite mint grey, elite midnight blue, elite sandy brown, elite sandy grey, elite amber grey, elite silky gold, Elite lavender grey, elite grey beige and elite crystal.

Glow collection

It has nine beautiful colours that match all types of eyes and skin colours including glow radiant, glow radiant brown, glow husky grey-green, glow grey caramel, glow luminous pearl, glow navy grey, glow radiant grey, glow vivid blue and glow lime green. This entire collection has the ability to make up for all the eye shaping problems as well as glorifying the best out of you. You will acknowledge the importance when you will be praised by everyone.

Diamond collection

Diamond collection offers eight vibrant lens colours which are to go with all Pakistan skin complexions. Customers may have a look at these to ensure that they choose best for their respective skin. It has a brown shadow, allure blonde, almond grey, Caribbean green, grey-green, diamond grey shadow, pacific blue, glitter grey. These lenses are best to use regularly with casual dresses as well as casual makeup.

Natural collection

In a natural collection of Bella contact lenses by Punjab optics, a dazzling collection is waiting for you, that can be worn on all-natural complexions including fair skin complexion, white, and extra fairer complexion as well as dusky colour complexion. It includes natural grey, natural hazel, natural green, natural cool grey, cool natural hazel, natural cool blue, natural violet, natural blue.

Highlight collection

Highlight collection is something that would help you find some colours for the extra white as well as dusky skin and hairs applied, and these lenses can make it look more beautiful with five best colours are highlight cool grey, highlight circle grey, highlight circle brown, highlight cool hazel and highlight gold.


No matter you need lenses of one-time use, regular wearing or occasional use, we have all sorts of lenses available in a huge collection of shades. All lenses are safe to use and made using the highest quality materials. There are certain factors involved in enhancing the colours of your eyes with the help of colored contact lenses. It is primarily your skin and hair.


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Visit Georgia after COVID-19

Georgia is situated in the Caucasian area of Eurasia. It lies at the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is limited by the Black Sea in the West and Russia in the North. It additionally has deserted the southern way. Aside from its characteristic environmental factors, Georgia offers countlessly verifiable and current wonders. Further, there are different UNESCO World Heritage destinations spread the nation over. Along these lines, it is a traveler goal that can be visited and investigated by everyone. 

From the immortal leftovers of world history to the bold rush offered by the outrageous regular scenes – Georgia is an awesome spot! It encounters 12 various types of microclimates. 

We wager that every one of you is more likely than not been allured at this point. On the off chance that you despite everything have not decided, at that point look at this rundown of top ten motivations to visit Georgia after COVID-19. In this way, read on and discover for what reason to visit Georgia as your next movement goal. What's more, indeed, even before we start, we need to drop a delicate suggestion to search for brilliant rebate choices, for example, Cathay Pacific airlines manage my booking your flights.

1. COVID-19 Trends are superior to the majority of the nations 

The nation is at present having under 650 affirmed instances of Coronavirus. The passing rate has been shockingly low, and it is relied upon to remain as is a direct result of the lockdown essentially. As the nation isn't overpopulated, you can expect that the pandemic will have a limited impact here. Along these lines, you can have the confidence in getting procured diseases from local people. You can likewise discover places with meager populace situated in far off patches that further diminishes the contamination spread. 

2. Tbilisi offers an energizing experience and astonishing nightlife 

It has heaps of traveler goals and is an old and enchanting town situated on a bluff. It has a strange landscape and has an energetic nightlife. It is likewise outstanding amongst other places of interest to book your convenience for making day excursions to different close by goals. The most well-known traveler goals in Tbilisi are Funicular, Rustaveli Avenue, Cathedral of Saint George, Freedom Monument, Fountains, King Vakhtang Gorgasali, Ronald Reagan landmark, Falcon and Pheasant Monument and loads of different Churches and Cathedrals. 

3. Sun-kissed Batumi Beaches 

Lovely professional flowerbeds and Batumi Beach offer a superb caper through astounding seaside life during the day and an energetic nightlife in the bars. Gonio Fortress, Batumi Boulevard 1884, Alphabetic Tower, Dolphinarium, Ali and Nino Statue, and Batumi Plaza are some striking spots to visit. 

4. Kakheti's Vineyards and Breweries 

This locale has the absolute best hand-blended and the most moderate wines on the planet. It has dazzling common environmental factors and lavish green vineyards. One stunning spot to visit here is the David Gareja Monastery complex. 

5. Skiing from the sublime statures in Gudauri 

You can make the most of your stay at a wonderful ski resort in Gudauri. Gudauri is home to great mountains encompassed in a staggering white day off. You can likewise do paragliding here to observe the snow-clad mountains from tallness. Aside from snow sports, you can likewise appreciate strange dawns here. 

6. Lake Ritsa that appears to be a wonderland 

Lake Ritsa is additionally probably the best spot to visit during Georgia Travel. The Aragvi River, Ananuri Castle Complex going back to the seventeenth century, and bunches of different attractions are situated here. 

7. Chiatura Cable-ways 

Take a free ride at one of the cableways in Chiatura and experience the delight of voyaging like a winged animal. It is likewise one of those spots in Georgia that offer the absolute best photogenic destinations. We wager that you will become hopelessly enamored with the nation. Thus, plan a drawn-out remain here, and remember to utilize GoAir Coupons. Along these lines, you can spare some additional money for spending on encounters offered by Georgia. 

8. Mestia experiences 

Mestia is a little town situated in the upper Svaneti and is the beginning stage for a daring climb up to the icy masses in the foot of Mount Ushba. You can likewise appreciate horse rides in the flawless high glades. 

9. Heli-Skiing on the snow-topped mountains 

While heli-skiing, you can coast on the snow-secured inclines simply like the ordinary skiing. It has become an exceptionally well-known visitor action as of late. It permits all individuals to ski on even those precarious mountain inclines where not many individuals can reach.

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Do you have the most crispy and flavorful range of wafers? Thinking how to make them alluring for potential customers? Delighting packaging would make your offerings mouthwatering for the onlookers. Presenting your orange, chocolate, strawberry, caramel and other flavors in colorful tray boxes would make the consumers feel hooked to your products. Captivating boxes would engage the shoppers; they will be intrigued to know if a wafer is as flavorsome as displayed on the packaging.

Printing quality tray and sleeve packaging boxes requires professional expertise. You need to find a printing solutions provider that has some samples to show you and has a track record of serving the packaging needs of confectionery, food, and retail industries. You should do some research on cardboard and finishing options for tray boxes. It will enable you to suggest the printer on making your packaging beguiling. When getting the boxes for wafers personalized, you ought to pay attention to many factors, it is not just the finesse of packaging that matters.

We have some tips that will make your custom boxes noticeable and purposeful!

An Inviting Artwork with Colors and Pictures

Packaging design would either make the wafers worth purchasing or easy to ignore for the customers. The artwork should be lively with high-resolution images of the item along with the bright color scheme. Have the name of a wafer printed with a catchy font style. Get design variations made for different flavors. Branding details should be the same for each of them.

Informative Custom Tray and Sleeve Boxes

Use the packaging for telling customers about each ingredient used in the wafers, calorie count per serving, and best before date. The boxes should help the consumers to make an informed buying decision. You shouldn’t skip any necessary details that are needed for purchasing and consuming the products. Useful packaging would strengthen your standing as a brand that cares for its customers.

Simple to Store Packaging

While the sleeve boxes are already a handy storage solution, you can have these customized to a size to a size that's easy to handle. Talk to the printer about the size of wafers to get the tray and sleeve packaging boxes printed with the precise dimensions. The packaging should keep the items well-protected from environmental factors. You can use silver foils inside the trays for ensuring the wafers don’t get soggy or broken.

Boxes with Fun Content

Packaging with entertaining content would make the customers feel eager to try the wafers. You can use a humorous pictorial or text theme for making the boxes amusing for the shoppers. Make sure that the idea you choose should complement your product range and is according to your target audience’s psychographics.

For timely and competitive custom box printing services, sign up with Packaging Republic. The amiable and trained team is available for your assistance around the clock.

Use the packaging for promoting your upcoming flavors and offers. You can mention the names of all the wafers for giving a sneak peek of your delicious treats. The boxes should have your social media profile and other contact details for improving customer communication efforts. You can make slight changes to the packaging design at regular intervals for keeping it interesting for the customers.




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How Cupcake Boxes make the Cupcakes Look Delicious

Cupcakes are a delicious dessert ready to eat anytime. Available in all bakeries, you can consider this product as an example of happiness because the delicacy is poured after a bite. For such a fantastic product, you need a fantastic packaging box to complete it. No one wants that their product goes in the waste just because they didn't invest in quality plastic cupcake boxes.

So, you need to invest in a company that makes high-quality boxes for you. They will, for sure, show you the designs that will blow your mind. They have an idea about the market and from them you able to pick a fantastic design. Personalized cake boxes have become one thing because around you; you are able to find so many bakeries. The owners of that bakeries try their best to become the best. They know that boxes not only make the product attractive but also improve the presentation.

Get the box that represents the brand.

The main concern and questions to consider when making the decision to get the box is to find the logo and name. Something simple and meaningful sticks to the brain as soon as it experiences the eyes of people of all ages. You can choose your own name or initials for the logo to develop the client's interest. This is your first photo that draws the customer to your article.

Choose the shades that go well with each other.

The next important perspective, which is used when printing custom packaging boxes for your cupcakes, cakes, and other bakery items, is to use a legitimate shading mix that praises your items. Conversely, it must be similar to the foundation, must have light colors, and the impression of the mark must be dark, or vice versa. This is how the brand name entered the brains of people who lived it once. The mix of shades from custom cupcake boxes shouldn't be so large that it would pique the eyes of customers, rather than having to keep an eye out for the relaxing and appealing shades.

What advantages do you get by making the box look fantastic?

From the inside, there is no need to do anything; only box external is where you should pay attention. As it is the first thing client is going to see. If you are able to impact positively on the client at that time, then no one will able to stop you.

There are a few things that you have to mention on the box. If you are thinking making a unique design is enough, then you are wrong because it will take you nowhere when customers do not know about your brand name. They will not be able to suggest it to someone else, even if they like it. 

  • The name or logo must be identified with the item you are selling.
  • It must be small enough as a few words, so it is far from difficult to remember.
  • Visible from all sides of the container.
  • Mention all your correct contact details so that you can be contacted effectively at any time.

Cupcake boxes wholesale are affordable.

If you are thinking that getting so much in detail means you will have to make changes in your budget, you are wrong. The price of these boxes is very reasonable. You can get much better boxes by staying in your budget. Even after some time, you want to change the print or shape of the box; you can do that within the same budget. The other reason that makes these boxes affordable is that they are recyclable. You can use these boxes over and over again for the same purpose or for something else.

If you want to tell your client that the boxes you are using are environment-friendly, you can print a sign of it at any side of the box. There are many clients around who like this effort. So, you will, for sure able to gain the trust of the customers. 

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