Eyelash Extension Glue-FAQs

The eyelash extension glue is the most important thing to keep extensions in place. But when people use glue there are many questions that are asked by the people. Some questions are going to be discussed here on this page.

Why glue colour change in white?

While applying most of the time it turns into a white colour. Many think it happened because the glue is expired or have some other issue. But in actual it happens because of a chemical reaction when it mixes get in touch with any type of moisture. So, it is good that before applying glue you clean water or sweat from your eyes and around.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

There is no need to worry while applying it to your eyes if you are pregnant. There is no reaction to this glue. But it is alright to raise these questions. As, they have to stay very careful about everything, the food they eat, the clothes they wear and while choosing cosmetics.

Will the glue can damage your eye?

It is the worry of many people. The professionals who place these extensions in your eyes are professionals. They take all the security measures. Also, at the time the process is going on your eye are closed. So, the risk of anything is zero. You just have to follow the instructions the professional is giving you.

Is there any difference in the glue?

The glues are of several types. Some are very strong and some are for those who have sensitive skin. You can tell the professional what you want them to use and they will serve you like that.

Does glue expire?

The answer is yes. The glues have an expiry date and it is better you don't use them once the date ends. If the pack is close it can last for 3 months. But if it is open it is better to use it only for 2 months. Otherwise, you may get any allergic reaction and other issues at the time of applying for extensions.

is sensitive glue work well?

Yes, it works in the same way. The only thing is that they take a bit more time to set. So, it is on your technician how to train they are to use this sensitive glue.

How you will know what the best glue is?

The answer can be given in 2 ways. The first according to your skin. Means the type suits you the best, it is better you got with that. The other is if you take professionals to help. They mostly prefer strong glue. As it set the extensions well and they also need less type to dry.

From where to shop for glue?

There are so many cosmetic companies who provide these glues. They are of many brands. You can choose the one you like the most and that is available at the price you are ready to pay.

Where to store glue?

it is better if you store the glue in a cool place. Keep them away from the place where direct sunlight comes. The ideal temperature is written on the pack most of the time.

What is the colour of glue?

The colour of the glue is black. It is because most of the eyelashes are in black colour. So, you don't have to face any issue related to colour.

For how long the glue work?

The glue is very reliable and can last for several weeks. As long as they last you don’t have to worry that your extensions may fall. They look natural and you can even smudge your eyes without worry.