How To Plan Your Room Wisely & Live Comfortably

There can be absolutely no compromise when it comes to comfort. If you are someone who wants to set up a perfectly planned comfortable room then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will suggest some great tips on home planning. Stay hooked to the article to know more.

Your room can be both private and open to the public depending on the use. On the one hand, a bedroom is absolutely a private place whereas on the other hand a living room is meant for partying and chilling with friends and family. Whatever be the purpose of the room, the house planning design must be elegant and comfortable. Your furniture and decor in the room reflect your lifestyle and personality. Style and comfort obviously need money but that doesn’t mean that you will have to spend thousands of bucks. We have devised for you some home planning ideas that are budget-friendly as well as influential. So let’s delve into the details that will help you know more about home planning.

Tips On Home Planning Rooms

There are different types of rooms like the bedroom, the living room, the drawing-room, the kitchen and the bathroom. Today, we will provide you with a detailed home planning guide on how to design your living room and bedroom. But there are two important factors that you need to keep in mind while devising a plan for any room. The factors are as follows:

  • Create A Plan: Observe your room and decide the type of decor you want to implement. Keep in mind that the decor must suit the size and space of your room. Note down the odd features in the room, like an oddly placed door or window that needs special attention.
  • Set Your Budget: Before you start shopping, make a list of the items you want to purchase. Make sure that your shopping list is made in accordance with your budget.

Now let’s take a sneak peek into the home planning tips.

How To Plan Your Living Room?

Living Room

1. Your Living Room Must Have A Welcoming Feel

Your living room must give great welcoming vibes to the guests. To create such a vibe you must fill your living room with comfy colours, furniture properly placed and a balanced decoration that will add dimension to the room.

2. Select The Right & Tight Furniture

A comfortable living room includes well-selected right and tight furniture. Some of the furniture pieces that must occupy a decent amount of your living room are chairs, coffee table, sofa, side table, rug, bookshelves, and television and so on. But make sure that the furniture is placed in a manner that it does not block the walking space and add elegance to your home planning.

3. Add Texture But Also Value The White Space

Colours and textures are highly important to create a comfortable vibe. Choose warm colours and compatible textures.  You can use wooden lamps to beautify the space.  But also do not overdo it, keep some white space too. White space helps to add to the comfort and also looks pleasing.

4. Add Personality

Your living room portrays your personality, therefore, add in some elements that reflect your taste. If you are a fun-loving person, add a few funky elements. If you love classics, add some antique elements to your home planning. But do everything in a balanced way and trust us it will look great.

How To Plan Your Bedroom? 

1. Prioritize The Bed

What is a bedroom without a ‘bed’? The bed is the most important factor in the bedroom, therefore, it deserves much of your attention. You must choose a bed design in your home planning that looks luxurious and appealing. If you want to experiment then you may add some elements of your personal preference. Your bed must look so pleasing that at the end of the day it qualifies to be your heaven.

2. Keep It Clutter-Free

You do not have to decorate every portion of your bedroom with something or the other. A better idea for a home planning room is to use freestanding furniture. They are not only easy to use but are also flexible. Sliding doors in the wardrobe can also save a lot of space. Clutter-free rooms look far more relaxing.

3. Build Adaptable Windows & Add Layer Light

Devise your windows in a manner that in the daytime it brightens your room whereas at night it helps you to have your own private space. To do that, use layer unlined curtains which have sheer voile panels. Also, use a blackout blind to ensure a secure night.