What are the different man and van Woking services?

Moving out is not fun, especially when you have to take so many things to the new home. The one who moving out for the first time, got depressed as they don't know how to handle the process. It is obvious that you cannot transport things without packing and transportation is not possible without a van. After transportation work still didn’t end, you have to get heavy items inside your house and need to unpack them, then place them in a room they belong to. For all this hiring professional man and van Woking is the best option.

They are skilled, trained and quick in every task. There is no stage in the whole process where they show performance like an unprofessional. The services provided by experts are:

Planning a relocation process

It is a much-needed task that professionals do before starting a relocation process. They visit the location and do a meeting with you. After that, they make a plan in which they decide how they are going to handle the process. At the time of the plan, they involve you in this activity so that you can see how they are going to work. If you like you can make a change in the plan and ask them to do it your way.


Once the planning is done, the task of disassembling arrives. You cannot say that it is not an important service. As in relocation every service linked with each other. In disassembling the professionals disassemble every furniture that is so big and cannot unable to transport in a single piece. It is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of strength and knowledge.

Packing all valuables

Packing is a task that needs more time than other tasks. The material that is needed for packing is brought by the experts. They use specific material to pack specific items. They handle all the products very politely, so no product receives any damage at any stage of relocation. They place all the things in the boxes and even mark those boxes. So, later in the process, they know what these boxes are carrying.

Selecting the right size van

Once the packing is don't and everything is set to transport, experts get an estimation and ask the company to send a van. The right size and well-maintained van arrive at the location. Inside the van, all necessary tools are present that are needed to keep your things secure.

Loading possessions

Once the van arrives at the location the workers start to load boxes in the van. They do it very carefully as placing the wrong box in a long place can damage products. As the boxes are labeled, it makes it easy for them to place in a proper manner.

Selection of suitable routes

The vans are driven by the company drivers, they on the way provide full security to your belongings and choose the routes that have no bumps. So, the stuff inside the boxes will stay in good shape.

Unloading of possessions

Once the things reach the location the workers unload them by using trollies and other tools. They have a trick to lift heavy boxes without receiving any injury.

Unpacking off all goods

Once the things unload the workers start to unpack them without wasting a second. Also, at the time of unpacking the mess created is cleaned by the workers. So, you don’t have to do a single task.


Once the things get unpacked workers to assemble the things that need assembling and at the end you see there is nothing left for you to do. You just have to enjoy your new house.

Storage facility

There are times when few clients like to store some of their possessions. As they don't want them to take it to the new place right now. Those companies also give the facilities of storage places. They are secure and you can store all your belongings in there for as much time as you can. You also have permission to visit that storage house at any time of the day. No one there will stop you. Also, when you want those things back, the company will transport them to your home too and provide services.