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Posted by mrmadi300 / on 17 March,2020
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Packing advice before hiring a man and van wood green?

In the last decade the business of man and van services has tremendously increased. The trend of moving has been increased. There are certain factors involved in the process. The high population growth rate is one of them. People need to move in need of a bigger house or cozier environment. The packing, cluttering and decluttering all the material of a house, office or factory is a tiring and strained task. If certain precautions are considered as the guide during the move you will possibly be able to sail smoothly. The man and van services have given much advice to keep the process of shifting and moving less tiring and less traumatizing. To have a hustle free moving experience you should follow the recommendations of man and van wood green.


The moving day comes with a lot of responsibilities and numerous tasks to complete simultaneously. One of the important tasks of them is packing and cluttering the material. If your packing is disorganized you will have to face problems in shifting, loading and unloading it. There are a few recommendations that will help you to pack properly according to the distance you have to travel. The following aspects are crucial to follow while packing the stuff.


Choosing the packing material is an important element. You must be careful to select the packing material and essentials needed for the fault-free packing of the heavyweight objects and secure packing of the fragile items. The following elements are important in the selection and collection of packing material.

Strongboxes of various size:

Boxes are an undeniable item for packing the material. Always purchase boxes carefully. These boxes must be strong enough to bear the weight of about 30 pounds. There are a variety of boxes available in the market. It is your foremost duty to choose the most suitable from them. Also, select the size of the box as well. You will need different boxes for packing the whole house or office. Furthermore, these boxes play an important part in the safety of your material.

Rolls of bubble wraps:

To protect the material from breakage or damage it is important to wrap it in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap protects the material from breakage. It acts as a deterrent between the walls of the container an the object.

Duct tape or tape guns:

It is important to seal the packages before loading them into the van. If you will skip this step all of the items packed in the package would spill off. Moreover, the purpose of packing them into the packages will be wasted. Hence, it is important to buy a strong tape for sealing the packages. Otherwise, you will end up being in an awkward situation.

Mattress protecting material:

To pack the mattresses it is safe to cover them. If you will put them in the vehicles without any protected covers it will result in pressing or tearing of the mattress. Therefore, it is important to buy the high-quality mattress covers for the protection of the mattress during the trip.

Sofa covers:

The furniture articles are very expensive and should be taken care of. In shifting from a place to another it is important to protect the furniture from damage. Sofa covers are an important element of packing material. They are waterproof, dustproof, and can protect the sofa cloth from staining or tearing. Moreover, it provides enough protection against the collisions among the material while shifting.

Paper wrapping:

The paper wrapping will keep the material safe from dust and pollution. Inside your house, you clean the furniture and small household items. Paper wrapping will prevent permanent dust stains on the items. Additionally, if you use the papers of different colors you will be able to identify the items easily. Also, it will be easier for you to organize the material.






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