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Posted by heritageprinting / on 01 May,2020
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Things to Know About Catalog Printing for Companies

It is a big undertaking to print a custom catalog and it is highly recommended to get the printer involved early in the process. Here, we are giving proper guidance related to the catalog printing Washington DC which is given as follows. Some things are given that are quite effective to relay to the printer, so they can produce the catalog.


If you know about the desired quantity, then the printer can also recommend what kind of printer press suits the particular project of the catalog. To exemplify, if you want 200 copies of the catalog, then it is very cost-effective to create a catalog printing Washington DC on a digital printing press.

But if the requirement is of 50, 000 catalogs, then the most efficient method for production is the web offset press. Another method which is known as sheetfed offset press can be the best option for a mid-range quantity of catalogs 500 to 5000. The quantity allows you to pick up the best printer following the catalog projects.


The common dimensions of the catalog are 8.5” × 11” and usually, the economic one is best to produce. Also, some printers can print large, odd or custom and some cannot. It does not depend on the production equipment of the printer. Moreover, the size suggestion can also keep the production as well as distribution cost under control. This is the reason; it is highly recommended that to consults on catalog printing Washington DC before getting deep into the design as well as layout phases.

Page Count

In addition to the total catalog quantity as required, the count of pages as needed to figure it out to determine how much paper is required to produce a catalog. The proper binding style for the catalog can also be determined with the help of page count. Another imperative thing about the printer is that you need to aware of the pages and also if they need to be printed on both sides or a single side. In general terms, ink is printed on both sides from the thicker paper stock to protect the ink from showcasing through another side of the page.

Binding style

If the page count is less than 64, then the saddle stitch binding method is the best and it is also economically good to secure all pages. On the contrary, the perfect binding method is the best option if the page count is large and it seems in bulk. Under this, glue is used to stick the pages and produce a flat spine. Based on catalog printing, you can opt for any one method that is good as these are widely used methods nowadays.

These are some key points that need to be considered before going for catalog printing Washington DC.

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