How to Remove Sliding Shower Doors?

No doubts that we love sliding shower doors, but what should we have to do to get rid of them? Do not worry; we are here to guide our beloved readers about the entire process. Believe us; it is not a difficult task. It required some skills, tools, materials, and an active mind. Over time these glass sliding doors become blurry, old, and cracked due to excessive use special in big families. Suppose you want to get a quick solution to add a new look to a bathroom.

How to Remove Sliding Shower Doors

Read this blog carefully. Let us get started on how to remove sliding shower doors in a matter of minutes! Nevertheless, ensure that the bathroom is not wet or dirty before starting. Doing this, it will keep you safe from slipping and germs.

List of Material You Need in this Process

First, collect all the mandatory materials that help you start or finish this task safely. Following are the things you need in this process:

Gloves (Optional)

It would be highly beneficial to a person before starting the process. Professional gloves protect us from cuts and germs. We use a blade or cutter to cut the caulked joints in this procedure. So, wearing gloves is advantageous for us.

Caulk Remover

Caulk remover is used after removing the sliding shower door and rail. Stubborn sports of caulking and dirt can easily be removed by it. If you do not have this one or found it in the market, use other flat, sharp things to remove the caulk.

Silicon Caulk

This will help us when we uninstall the sliding glass shower doors. It helps us to fill the holes after removing bathroom sliding door screws. You just have to fill the hole with white silicone caulk and allow it to sit for 8 hours before taking a shower.

New Rod and Curtain (Optional)

Rod and curtain are optional for someone who wants to hang a beautiful curtain at the place of bathtub sliding doors. In this way, you can enjoy the new look of your water closet, and a person can change it whenever he/she wants.

List of Required Tools

After the mentioned material, let us look at the tools required to uninstall the bathroom sliding glass door. Following are the tools you need:

  • Flat Screw Drivers
  • Philips Screwdrivers
  • Drilling Machine
  • Philips Bit
  • Drill Bits

Try to work with your partner because two people can handle this task more professionally, and the chances of failure will become less. Ensure that you know how to use these tools. Without knowledge, no one can handle this task correctly. Everyone should be very careful handling the glass because it is one of the delicate materials, and it causes serious injuries when it breaks and shatters.


Now it is time to use all the mentioned things to start this process. We want to educate our readers in 5 steps. It requires your consciousness. Let us get started:

Step 1:

Sliding shower doors for the tub have two panels, one is located inside, and the other is outside. Be careful when you start unscrewing it. You will find screws in the center guide of the panels. Use a power drill to unscrew the panels. Remove the guide from the tub. It will allow you t remove the panels.

Step 2:

Remove screws from the frame of the black sliding shower door. There are a few bolts that you can detach with the help of Philips or a flat screwdriver. Ensure that tub or walls are not damaged by using these tools, do everything with great care.

Step 3:

Cut the caulk joints if they present by using a cutter or blade. By doing this, the track is lifted out easily.

Step 4:

Remove the side frames from the walls by using a knife or blade. It is a trick, but you can do it with us. Do not worry about it if you show any marks or sport on the tiles or walls. We have a solution for it. Now it is time to detach the rail for the tub, and here is your tub free from the frames and a rail.

Step 5:

It is time to scrap up all old ugly caulk from the tub or walls by using caulk remover or a sharp card. Isn't it easy to uninstall the shower door? Even if you uninstall the frameless sliding glass shower doors, you can use these steps or tools. Does anyone want to learn more about frameless sliding shower doors uninstallation? Leave a comment below to get instructions!

Final Thoughts

Removing bathroom shower doors is not a difficult task. By using the right tools, and proper instructions, anyone can perform this job. Please read this article and tell us how much these instructions will help you.

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